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The Story of KETO4ALL! - Part 2

What exactly is KETO4ALL!? What does it mean?

Find out in Part 2 of the series: The Story of KETO4ALL!

After living the keto lifestyle for a year and having an idea to create a keto-focused subscription box service, I needed to come up with a name...

Canadian Keto Box? Keto Delivered?

Keto Snack Box?

I didn't want a name for the sake of having a name. I wanted a name that represented something greater than a "snack box"...

I realized that keto was only a part of the bigger picture - fitness, mental wellbeing, and community also played a large role in my healthy lifestyle.
Keto Butter Chicken with Spinach

I love being active. From playing sports to lifting weights to going for outdoor runs. Being physically active is a huge part of my healthy lifestyle. There are countless benefits like weight-loss, increase in energy, better sleep, decrease in stress, reduced risk of chronic diseases. For me, it made me feel good and being on keto made my fitness journey that much better as I had more energy to fuel my activities!

In Part 1 of this series I mentioned my time as a teacher. A big part of teaching was monitoring the mental health & wellbeing of my students to make sure they felt safe, comfortable, and confident at school.

After 8 years of teaching, I developed a core belief that one's mental health & wellbeing contributed a great deal to one's overall health.

When I first started the keto lifestyle there was a TON of information to learn. What are the macros? How long does it take to become fat adapted? Can I eat bacon all the time? There were so many questions and it became overwhelming!

If it wasn't for the support of the keto community answering all my questions, I may have just quit the keto lifestyle. Luckily, I didn't! Now, 3 years later, I am helping those individuals just starting out on their own keto journey!

Last, but not least, is a focus on an eating lifestyle based on the keto diet!

I wanted to provide a variety of different keto-friendly snack items to help support those who don’t have the time to find and make suitable snacks! That way I can provide snacks that are way healthier and allow someone to stick with their keto journey without being tempted by convenient carb-filled snacks!

AND THAT was how the name KETO4ALL! was created! Nutrition, Fitness, Wellbeing and Community - ALL 4 aspects working together with a focus on KETO.

Chris Appave

CEO & Founder of KETO4ALL!

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