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The Keto Journey of a CEO

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Hi! My name is Chris Appave and I'm the CEO & Founder of KETO4ALL!

After 2.5 years on the keto lifestyle I've learned so much about nutrition, fitness, mindset and most importantly, myself.

I was no stranger to diet and fitness as I've tried many diets in the past but with no success...

I've tried limiting my fat intake, drinking protein shakes, going completely sugar-free, and even trying to be a vegetarian.

Every time, each diet failed... I just couldn't maintain the lifestyle. Either my hunger would get the best of me, I'd succumb to my cravings, or I'd completely fall off the wagon after a special event (wedding, parties, holidays) and never recovered.

I was always an active individual with areas of baby fat, but as I got older the baby fat could no longer be ignored. I thought the solution was to increase my workouts (in duration and frequency)... I could not be further from the truth. I kept on gaining weight (the wrong kind) despite all my hard work in the gym. I knew I had to change something, and that's when I stumbled on PictureFit's YouTube video "The Keto Diet Explained".

I was instantly hooked! I started Googling everything and anything related to keto. The very next day on July 28th, 2017 I decided to start my keto journey!

Weight Goes Down, Challenges Go UP!

The most drastic change was a drop in weight.

I lost 30 lbs within the first month!

But what really surprised me was a newfound source of energy and mental focus that I never experienced before. I loved the feeling of

waking up in the morning full of energy and never having it fade away until bedtime!

This doesn't mean I was free of challenges to deal with... including staying keto during social events, temptation of carbs around every corner, and being the only keto person in my family.

But the biggest challenge was a change in

mindset and attitude towards fat. For the longest time I've been taught that fat was "bad" for you and made you... fat. I had to relearn years of nutritional education and flip the conventional food pyramid, both in a literal and mental sense, upside down.

The keto diet flips the "traditional" food pyramid upside down!

From a Keto Diet to a Keto LIFESTYLE

After 2.5 years on keto and learning more and more each day through books, articles, blogs, videos, and the keto community, I truly believe that a diet absent of carbs & sugar to be the best lifestyle out there.

I have gained a greater sense of self-awareness with what my body needs without the "noise" that carbs creates. Throughout this journey I've not only learned about keto, but also the need to balance nutrition, fitness and mental wellness in one's life.

Keto is has become much more than a diet, it has become a lifestyle!
Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is Chris Appave and I'm the CEO & Founder of KETO4ALL! After 2.5 years on the keto lifestyle I want to help support your own nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness goals!

Thank you to all my friends, family & an amazing keto community for supporting my keto journey and I hope I can do the same for you!

Chris Appave

CEO & Founder of KETO4ALL!

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