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Ketosis, Hunger and Satiety

Article by: Karoline of Skinny Keto

Anyone who has gone through the challenge of losing weight knows that it can be absolutely daunting to make the weight loss results last.

Our body is always trying to maintain energy balance when we are purposely depleting our stored energy, aka body fat, though dieting and exercise. Your appetite seems to go into overdrive and your willpower is at an all-time low after a prolonged diet stint.

Breaking-free from the diet roller-coaster and finding a solution that works long-term is a key factor to eliminating hunger and increasing satiety.

Hormones, the Drivers of Hunger & Satiety

The healthiest fat sources for ketosis is your body fat!

Insulin, the Storage Hormone

When blood insulin levels are high, glucose gets stored as glycogen and fats get stored in adipose tissue. The resulting reduction in circulating fuels, such as glucose and free fatty acids, then stimulates appetite causing a roller coaster of blood glucose levels. The result? Hunger pains in 2 to 3 hours after a high carbohydrate, low fat meal.

However, the restriction of carbohydrates results in lower insulin and hunger levels. You start eating more fat and as a result, you feel full faster. When your body switches from using glucose to utilizing fat as its primary fuel source, it is normal to experience a significant loss of appetite.

Leptin, the 'Eat Less" Satiety Hormone

Leptin is made in your fat cells and is responsible for shutting down the drive to eat. Food stimulates leptin production telling your hypothalamus gland in the brain to stop eating. Interestingly, as blood insulin levels go down and satiety goes up, leptin levels also decrease. Studies have shown that individuals who follow a low carbohydrate diet exhibit significant reductions in leptin levels.

How is it that despite lower leptin levels,

we don’t feel hungry on a ketogenic diet?

Leptin levels DROP on a ketogenic diet and we feel fuller faster when in ketosis. Ketosis seems to improve leptin resistance – increase leptin sensitivity – thus, LESS leptin is needed to get the message across to the brain!

Carbohydrate Restriction is the cure for leptin resistance! Reduced inflammation, decreased appetite and increased satiety help us to lose weight and maintain the results long-term!


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