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Getting Back into Ketosis!

Article by: Karoline of Skinny Keto

Getting back into nutritional ketosis and healthy low-carb eating can be challenging after some time off. Maybe you have indulged a little bit too much over the holidays and want to restart keto.

Don’t worry! Here are some tips that will help you to make the transition and get you back on track quickly:

Download a Food Tracker

The healthiest fat sources for ketosis is your body fat!

In order to get into ketosis, you will need to track the NET carbohydrates you eat. The best way to do that is to download a food tracker. You might be thinking you are keeping your carbohydrates low enough to get into ketosis, but you might be surprised once you weigh and measure your food how many hidden carbohydrates you are actually eating. A little effort in tracking goes a long way! To start, stay between 20-25g of net carbohydrates.

Clean Your Pantry & Go Shopping

The best way to get back into ketosis is with a clean slate! Eliminate all temptations and get rid of all the carb-loaded junk in your pantry. Fill up your fridge and pantry with healthy low-carb, whole foods, and make sure you have enough “snack foods” to help you though the first couple of days. String cheese, hardboiled eggs, ham roll ups with a little bit of avocado mayo are some great options.

Stay Hydrated and Electrolytes Intake

Proper hydration is paramount, especially in the beginning stages of ketosis

when we are losing the infamous "water weight". Adding electrolytes to your water will prevent the dreaded keto flu! The keto flu is an electrolyte imbalance and can strike at any time, no matter if you are new to keto or restarting. Salt your food generously and drink some bullion at night! Sodium, magnesium, potassium and a good electrolyte supplement will help you to steer clear of any keto flu symptoms.

Keep It Simple!

Try to stay away from complicated keto dishes and recipes in the beginning. Keeping it simple is key!

• Pick a protein e.g., beef, chicken or fish etc.

• Pick your veggies and fruit e.g., broccoli, mixed greens, cauliflower rice etc.

• Pick your fats e.g., cheese, avocado, dressing or mayo etc.

For an extra energy boost in the morning, you can add a little bit of MCT oil in your coffee. Start with a tea spoon and see how it effects your energy levels. Be careful not to go overboard with the amount of MCT in the beginning. It can give you an upset stomach and will send you running to the bathroom rather quickly!

Exercise and Fasting

Exercising helps your body enter ketosis faster. Your body burns off glucose for energy during exercise. Once your glycogen storage is empty, your body will start the process of using fat for fuel. Combined with a fast, you can push your body into ketosis within 48 hours.

Listen to Your Body and Have Patience

Really listen to your hunger cues. You shouldn't go hungry but once ketosis kicks in, you will naturally feel less hungry. Take advantage of that. Always eat your protein, eat whole food veggies and fruit and only add as much fat as you need to stay satiated.

The best way to restart is to preplan your meals and track your carbohydrates. Combine that with exercise and fasting, and you will be back in ketosis in no time!


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