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Featured Subscriber Spotlight: Rylee Waugh

The most popular keto snacks of 2019 from our keto boxes!

In this series we highlight our amazing KETO4ALL! subscribers!

We are pleased to introduce Rylee Waugh! Rylee first discovered the keto/low-carb way of life in 2019. Within the first 10 months of living a strict keto lifestyle, Rylee lost 80 pounds! She is also an avid runner and has accomplished 2 half marathons in the past 8 months!!

Hi Rylee! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm originally from Bobcaygeon, Ontario! I have a Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College. I am also a certified personal trainer & keto lifestyle coach. I am married to love of my life and we have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter that has made our lives complete.

That's so great! Were there any challenges you faced when you first started the keto lifestyle?

None actually! My body & soul loves it!! The best part of being on keto is the increase in mental focus, energy, gastrointestinal health and being in control of what I put in my body.

KETO4ALL! The membership that includes a monthly lifestyle box, recipes, workouts and much more!

Wow!! We're so happy to hear about your success with keto!

Do you have any tips for anyone starting or already on keto?

Yes! What I found that works best with myself and my clients is to start “weaning off/ extremely decreasing” the amount of carbs a week before you start your program... so the keto flu symptoms don't hit as hard. As well, work on supporting your mental health to stay positive and on track!

Great tips! Mental health is such an important aspect of living an overall healthy lifestyle. Do you have a personal mantra or favourite quote to live by?

"Keto isn’t a diet... it’s a lifestyle"

Well said!! We completely agree!

What is your favourite keto recipe and lazy keto meal?

I love to prep meals even before starting keto but I love making keto cloud bread & my special keto muffins with my daughter. When we are pinched on time, we enjoy the A&W Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger wrapped in lettuce.

Thank you so much, Rylee, for taking the time to talk about about yourself and sharing your story with us! Where can our followers & subscribers go to follow your healthy journey?

You can follow me on Instagram

What to be featured?

Click here to learn more! 😁

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