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Featured Subscriber Spotlight: Lorraine Fung

KETO4ALL! featured subscriber

In this series we highlight our amazing KETO4ALL! subscribers!

We are pleased to introduce Lorraine Fung! In 2018 a friend of Lorraine was looking for an accountability partner to start keto with. After conducting researching and learning about keto, Lorraine made the switch from Weight Watchers to keto!

From: Toronto, ON

Occupation: Hospitality Management

Top 3 Movies: Moana, Little Women, every Rom com! 😂

Favourite Quote:

“Be happy in all that you do, live in the moment and don't stress about the future. The anticipation of something tends to be a lot worse than the reality. Be kind to others and also yourself!”

Hi Lorraine! How long have you been on keto?

I've been on and off since Dec 2018. I've also started incorporating fasting of various lengths as well as carnivore(ish) days.

What were some challenges you faced when you first started the keto/low-carb lifestyle?

I was living in a town of 12,000 people, and finding keto friendly alternatives wasn't always easy. Finding a community outside of the two of us was near impossible. And looking back now, I realize there is always more to learn about this way of eating. It has been amazing to connect with keto people through Instagram, most are uber friendly and love sharing knowledge. The same can be said about the amazing KETO4ALL! subscriber group on Facebook.

(click here to check it out!)

100% agree! We have such an amazing keto & low-carb community to support this lifestyle! What is the best part of being keto?

It really is amazing to wake up and not feel bloated. Your skin is amazing and there is a sense of freedom from food/sugar addiction.

KETO4ALL! featured subscriber

What current challenges are you facing?

Not giving in to temptation. It's something I still work on...progress over perfection!

That's so true! It's all about the journey, not the destination. What has been your greatest accomplishment (to date) while living the keto/low-carb lifestyle?

I can't believe there are days where I crave protein over something sweet. I've also started including longer fasts as part of my routine and have worked up to 52 hours on my last one.

That's an amazing accomplishment, congrats!! What are your top keto tips for those wishing to start the keto lifestyle?

Keep it simple, track what you eat and don't forget your electrolytes. For me this was a good foundation to building the right habits and educating myself on the incredible amount of food that has carbs.

Absolutely! All fantastic tips for those just starting or been living the keto lifestyle for some time.

KETO4ALL! featured subscriber

Thank you so much, Lorraine, for taking the time to share your story and journey with us! Where can our followers & subscribers go to follow your healthy journey?

You can follow me on Instagram @ketocanasian, @oichee6, and @sweetoliviamai

What to be featured?

Click here to learn more! 😁

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