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Small Business Spotlight: Bake in a Minute

The most popular keto snacks of 2019 from our keto boxes!

In this series we highlight our amazing small business partners!

We first featured Bake in a Minute's product in our October 2020 box with great feedback and excitement from our subscribers! We are proud to introduce Myra, the Owner and Founder of Bake in a Minute.

Hi Myra! Before we get to know your business, when did you first hear about the keto/low-carb/sugar-free way of life?

To be honest, I was low carb before it was a thing. I started working out very young and quickly learned that what I ate worked in tandem with it. However, the keto lifestyle did not enter my life until 2013 when we were looking for a way to support my husband and his health. People thought we were crazy eating minimal carbs and so much fat.

That's so great! You were the OG of low-carb before it was cool! What inspired you to launch your business?

The inspiration to launch was two-fold. Finding low carb bread was a challenge, as my husband was a bread lover and as a fitness competitor, I needed to eat low carb. I did not become a bread lover until I was told I shouldn't have any. LOL!!! Perusing online, I saw recipes for gluten-free low carb bread. I decided to create my own recipe and start selling in larger batches. Bake In A Minute was born.

KETO4ALL! The membership that includes a monthly lifestyle box, recipes, workouts and much more!

KETO4ALL! is similar in that it was created out of a need for low-carb/keto-friendly snacks! What is your mission for your business?

Our mission is to encourage the low carb community to be inspired by food and to provide simple, versatile, better for you and easier options.

Can you please explain your products and/or services that you provide?

We provide alternative grain flour mixes we call Bread mix and more. The reason being although our mixes are primarily used for making bread, they can be used for so much more. Our mixes are available in several sizes, 33g, 100g and 300g with nut and no-nut options. We are also the creators of Canada's first commercial low carb 90 second mug bread.

Your low-carb mug bread was a HUGE hit with our subscribers!

What has been your greatest challenge (to date) in running your business?

As a small business, and I am sure many businesses can attest to this, funding is always a challenge. Especially if you want to run a business with minimal loans and debts. The problem is that as a start-up, because traditional lenders are hesitant in providing funding, sometimes you have to get creative. Luckily, we have sourced other resources to fund the company, but they also take time and effort.

Totally know how you feel! KETO4ALL! is a completely boot-strapped business

and we also had to find creative ways to fund our business too! What has been your greatest accomplishment (to date) in running your business?

Our greatest accomplishment to date is our continued growth and expansion, in spite of limited personnel and minimal advertising and marketing. Social media has played a big role in that.

That's so great to hear! Congrats on your continued success! Where do you see your business in 5 (or 10) years time?

In 5 or 10 years time, Bake In A Minute will be a household name and will be found on the shelves of online and brick and mortar retailers across North America.

I hope I can find your amazing products in my local retail stores sooner than later! What are 3 fun facts about yourself?

1 - I am a published author.

2 - I am a certified yoga instructor.

3 - I am a kombucha brewmaster.

Thank you so much, Myra, for taking the time to talk about about your business and letting us get to know you! Where can our followers & subscribers go to learn more about your business?

We can be found at

Instagram, Facebook and TikTok: @bakeinaminute

Twitter: @BakeMinute

Make sure you check them out and

follow Bake in a Minute on social media! 😁

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